Let’s meet in Teams!

Teams is a collaboration tool that we use to meet, chat, and provide full-service support to our team members.

Before certification begins, we will be using Teams to get to know each other, learn and have discussions around what we have learned about Wine.com.

We love to see pictures and videos of your pets, kids, hobbies, recipes, or even to share your favorite quotes. Just as a reminder, please keep everything business professional!

Here’s how you can get into our Teams channel, open 24×7 for your convenience:

  1. Click here to download Microsoft Teams
  2. Log in with the username and password that were emailed to you. (They came in separate emails, if you haven’t received your password, it should arrive soon)
  3. Join the fun in the Learning Experience Room! You will find us under your program or client’s name channel, in the “Learning Experience Room”.

We hope we will get to know you long before class by joining the fun in Teams!