Secure Remote Worker (SRW)

You will be installing a Secure Remote Worker (SRW) virtual desktop application during your class, which is where you will access your project’s client applications.

Important: This application will not properly install nor will you be able to login to the virtual desktop if:

Windows Updates are missing
A Firewall and Antivirus are not enabled
– You are connected to a personal VPN or proxy.

Adobe Connect

This download link will open an install pop-up window in the bottom-left corner of your computer. Log in as a Guest with your first and last name any time you are joining an Adobe Connect room for support.

Join virtual classrooms (Microsoft Teams or Adobe Connect) from your computer only You will be asked to share your screen during a variety of learning activities or for troubleshooting purposes.

On Your Phone: Ping ID

This is a dual authenticator application to login to the client systems. You can download the App to your Smart Phone or download it to your local desktop computer.

You’ll be provided with logins and instructions during certification. Just download it, you don’t need to do anything else.